Sossi Jewelry Design Return Policy

Our jewelry products are created
individually to your order and your specifications of length/size, metal and gemstone choices, and design concept.

Because we create highly personalized fine jewelry that is not delivered from inventory we cannot offer refunds, cancellations, or exchanges.

Your product requires our investment of metal and gem materials just for your project, and takes hours of time to be designed and produced by our skilled technicians. Therefore all sales are final.

However, our interactive digital design process puts you in charge – with the ability to ensure that your design will be exactly what you imagine.

Our realistic digital render capabilities allow you to proof every detail and make changes until everything is just right. Only then do we submit a proposal for your approval and commitment to your custom project.


Our merchandise is produced according to the highest industry standards of design and manufacture, and is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under the conditions for which the product was designed.

We will repair, or at our option, replace such merchandise as proves to be defective. Our obligation, however, is limited to repair or replacement only.

Our warranty does not apply to necklace elements, or gemstone materials and jewelry elements not furnished by Sossi Jewelry Design.

We are not responsible for any merchandise which has been adjusted, repaired, refinished, or altered in any way by another jeweler. These activities void our warranty.

Aggressive wear or abuse beyond the capabilities of the design and materials will result in product failure, and we cannot be responsible for items which are handled in this manner.

We are not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of a jewelry item or gemstone.

“By excepting this order you have agreed all of our terms and conditions”.


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