Aquamarine: Seafarer’s Choice and Birthstone of March

Ancient folklore says that aquamarine aids seafarers, ensuring a successful voyage and a safe return, making it the ideal gift for boaters – and for cruise enthusiasts. A beautiful sea blue, aquamarine is Latin for “water of the sea”. Especially dramatic in large sizes and when cut into rectangular or oval shapes, aquamarine is ideal Read more about Aquamarine: Seafarer’s Choice and Birthstone of March[…]

A Holiday Wreath of Jewelry

If you’re looking for a unique and very appropriate gift for your special  someone this holiday season, consider the wreath pendant. It is actually an embellishment of the diamond circle pendant – with a twist. Some have leaves or flowers, just as the wreath you’d hang on your front door. Many are “lit” with diamonds Read more about A Holiday Wreath of Jewelry[…]

Shipwrecked Pearls Worth a Fortune

It’s the reason deep sea divers go into the business.  Years back, salvagers found thousands of pearls buried in a small lead box in the 17th century Spanish galleon Santa Margarita, along with eight gold chains and countless other artifacts.  The find is unusual in that the pearls were in excellent condition.  Normally, pearls do Read more about Shipwrecked Pearls Worth a Fortune[…]


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