About Fancy Diamonds

The term “fancy diamond” might need a bit of explanation. After all, aren’t all diamonds “fancy” by definition? Well, not exactly. Diamonds might be what you wear when you’re dressing up for a fancy occasion, but fancy diamonds by definition have two meanings. There are fancy color diamonds, which indicates diamonds of any color but colorless or white. For example, blue, pink, and canary yellow diamonds are quite rare and valuable. In recent years, black and brown diamonds, called champagne and cognac, have also become popular. The other fancy, however, indicates shape. All diamonds that are not round brilliant are considered to be fancy. Other shapes include the oval, marquise, the tear-drop, heart-shape, emerald-cut, princess-cut, the cushion, and many others. So if you choose a princess-cut blue diamond, you would be wearing a fancy, fancy stone.

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